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Universal Stencils Instructions
1) Spray every single layer with opaque white (Extremely extremely lightly, barely dusting your panel).

2) Once step 1 is complete, you should have the whole image traced. The whole image should be white at this point.
Now, feel free to free hand with white only as needed.

3) Go ahead and start freehanding your darks. You may use layer 0 or 1 to make your life easier on the first darks. (please note, if you are a beginner, please let us know so we can number the layers. Once you get experience, it is obvious which layer is which.)
By now, you should have a black and white only image like the example below

4) This is when you apply the Kandy Color of your choice, or over reduced transparent basecoat. HOK works best (House Of Kolour).

5) You can skip the freehand step, but if you want your art to look like a tatoo, some freehand will be required... Simple dagger strokes and stuff.

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